About Us

I started using medical marijuana 2 years ago to help ease my migraines and get a better nights sleep.  Although I had used it recreationally on and off over the years, I never considered it as anything more than a way to have fun without the hangover. Once I started receiving my prescription, I felt a little silly (and slightly criminal) carrying my prescription bottles, grinder, rolling papers etc  in plastic or paper bags.  I looked everywhere for something pretty to hold my weed and accessories and quickly realized there isn't a lot of marijuana accessories out there with women in mind.

It was then I started toying with the idea of opening this business to cater to women who smoke weed and don't want to carry it around in a paper bag. I was at the cottage enjoying a delightful indica (that I carried in a brown paper bag) when the idea of Lady J came to me. I had been thinking about the upcoming legalization here in Canada and how we have come full circle from the early 1920's when pot prohibition began. To represent the past as part of the future I came up with Lady J. Elegant, classy, pretty and legally allowed to enjoy a toke or two.

My vision is to find the prettiest marijuana accessories so that no woman has to stash her stash in a brown paper bag again!